About us

Kladana is a cloud based software for Inventory, Sales and Manufacturing management. We help Indian small and medium businesses to keep accurate inventory stock, control sales and purchase processes, calculate costs and profits, manage manufacturing orders and analyze financials.

Kladana launched in India in 2022. Our office is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, and managed by Aleksandra Brovchuk, Head Operations in India.

Kladana is a subsidiary of international company Lognex with headquarters in Moscow, Russia and branch office in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Kladana was one the first Russian SasS products for MSME. Its story began back in 2007, when Askar Rahimberdiev and Oleg Alekseev decided to launch their own startup. At that time they both worked in a software company that developed enterprise solutions. Askar and Oleg wanted to create a simple SaaS service available for small businesses which would not require complex and long-lasting implementation. They worked on Kladana after regular working hours sitting in an inexpensive cafe in Moscow. By the end of 2007, they released the beta version of Kladana.

At that point the founders started searching for the investments. An Estonian venture fund Ambient Sound Investments, established by Skype founding engineers, provided a series A funding round of $200 thousand for the 30% share of the company. With those resources the founders were able to launch Kladana as a complete solution available for commercial customers. In a year it had acquired its first 50 customers.

In 2011 the company received another round of investments from 1C — the leading Russian accounting software vendor. Kladana entered the phase of active growth. An office in Nizhny Novgorod was opened. A free plan for micro businesses became available. In 2015 the number of registered users reached 500 thousand and mobile apps were introduced.

Today Kladana is a multinational company having 3 million registered users, 4 offices in Russia, Kazakhstan and India and 100 thousand daily active customers. More than 250 talented software engineers, designers, marketing and customer care specialists are working to create one of the best solutions for MSME. Kladana customer’s geography includes Russia, Central Asia, Eastern Europe and India.