For Wholesalers and Distributors 

Kladana helps you run a wholesale
company. As the owner, as the sales managers or warehouse employees can handle inventory, warehouses, and orders.

  • Sales and purchases management
  • Inventory & stock adjustment
  • Warehousing logistics
  • Money flow control
  • Working with the customer base
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Ideal for Small and Medium-Sized Wholesalers

Apparel, food & beverages, electronic devices, medical equipment.

Kladana is a suitable solution for those entrepreneurs who want to manage inventory, sales, purchases, and warehouse operations using one app. Kladana is easy to handle, and it provides options for customization using API.

You can represent any niche of manufacturing business, manage production and sell your goods directly to customers using Online Order App.

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Sales & Purchase Orders

  • Orders statuses that you can set up according to your business routine: new, shipped, canceled
  • Print forms that you can download and send
    to your counterparties — requests for quotation, sales quotations, sales & tax invoices, and goods received notes
  • Price management — online catalogues, price categories, and discounts
  • Purchase planning — orders to suppliers based on sales analytics
  • Notifications of unpaid invoices. It is also possible to receive notices of an overdue expected delivery or shipment date
Inventory Management

Inventory Management

  • Working with a large product range, creating product cards from scratch, or importing from an Excel sheet
  • Opportunity to add product variants, your own info fields, and pictures to a product card
  • Reorder point setup and notifications when stock is below the reorder point so that you can order goods from a supplier
  • Sale of goods in bundles
  • Barcodes — generation, and printing of thermal labels & price tags with the possibility to modify system print templates


  • Receiving, shipment, storage, write-offs, and transfers of goods
  • Address storage (warehouse bins)
  • Easy-to-handle inventory
  • Printing warehouse documents — price lists, sales and supplier invoices, and others


  • The stock report enables you to control an excess and a lack of supplies, see the available stock in different warehouses,
    and the number of days the goods are in stock
  • The profit report allows you to take into consideration an average sale, profit margin, the number of returns, and evaluate sales according to your employees, customers, or certain goods
  • In settings, you can set specific workflows to launch some flows, add various rights to your employees, manage warehouses, discounts, etc
  • All actions of yours & your employees are logged and can be found in the Audit section in Overview

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Products & Services

Use product variants for that purpose. Go to Inventory → Products and Services → open the desired product card → Variants, and then you can add them. Set unique photos and set prices for each good if there are any differences. Now, you can sell products of various sizes and colours. Plus, you’ll be able to analyze what variants are sold better. For more info, read an article about managing product variants.
Yes, you can sell services like shipment, packaging, storage, maintenance, etc. For that purpose, go to Inventory, create a service card, set up prices for it, and fill in all the necessary info. Now, you can add your services to the sales orders. If you have a few services, you can change prices for them in bulk.
You can use folders to group all the items. Thus, your raw materials, finished goods, or products for the different target audiences will be split.


Go to Sales → Profit → By Products. On the graph, choose Sales (Items) and Profit Margin. Now, you can assess Gross Profit, Profit Margin, Gross Sales, and the number of transactions.
Go to Inventory → Stock. Take a look at the column Days in Stock — it will help to find out items that are stored for too long.
You can use Online Order App in Kladana to generate catalogue links with different prices for various customers — wholesale, retail, etc.
Yes, you’ll get a notification with information regarding a sales invoice that is overdue, for instance. You will also see the payment date, the total sum, and the customer’s name.


You can generate barcodes for your goods and packaging also. Go to Inventory → Products and Services → open a product card → Barcode. For more info, read the article about barcodes. You can also watch a video tutorial.
You can find these print forms in a product card, or some operations — sales & purchase orders, receiving, and shipments.
Go to Settings → Employees. Add all employees you need and set up specific permissions that allow or deny work with stock, sales orders, shipment, etc.