For Manufacturers

Take production under control starting from planning, stocktaking, raw materials transfers, packaging and finishing with sales of ready-to-use goods.

  • Organize production stages
  • Manage inventory for production
  • Calculate the cost of the goods produced
  • Sell and purchase goods
  • Control finances
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Ideal for a Small workshop or a production facility

Kladana is a multifunctional and easy-to-handle solution for those entrepreneurs who seek more convenient ways of managing the production process rather than Excel sheets with remaining goods lists, bills of materials, and production order graphs.

Supply, inventory & stock control, selling of finished products and processing of sales orders — all in one place. Kladana will smoothly integrate into your elaborated business routine due to our experts’ support.

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Production Process

  • Create production orders from sales orders and produce goods on time
  • Calculate finished goods costs to calculate the sale price of your goods & to estimate whether your business is profitable enough
  • Keep records of used raw materials and completed stages
  • Make sure that there are enough raw materials for a production order, and replace the missing materials if necessary
  • Stay flexible in replanning if you are out of raw materials, or accidentally received some scrap

Sales, Supply & Inventory

  • Use reports to track overstock and out-of-stock
  • Choose the way to supply components and raw materials: transfer from another warehouse, purchase or produce
  • Create orders to suppliers directly from production orders
  • Reserve raw materials for every production order
  • Use Online Order App to get sales orders for your produced goods without creating a website

Production Control

  • Monitor all stages until you complete a production order
  • Track time for every stage
  • Assign operation tasks to certain employees
  • Make sure that deliveries arrive on time and that no production stages will be paused
  • Print thermal labels & price tags with barcodes, BOM, product cost estimates, and other documents
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Production Process

You can. Open the sales order you need, go to Add Related, and choose Stock Replenishment. Then opt for Production Order in the column Fill up stock by and indicate the number of goods you need to produce.
Yes. Click on Inventory, then Products and Services, choose an item you’d like to produce, and generate a barcode in the Product Barcodes section. Now you can print thermal labels and price tags in a production order. For more info, read the article about barcodes. You can also watch a video tutorial.
You’ve got three options. The first one is to create several production orders. Then you can split ordered items by name and quantity for these orders. The second option is to create one production order where you make several lines one by one with finished goods and estimated quantity for every batch. The third one is to create a production order for the total production (say, 1 000 items), then launch a production order for any number of items needed (100, 550, 999), and sell the finished goods.

Raw Materials & Produced Goods

Yes, open the production order you need, click on the Supply button, choose the items you need to supply, and opt for Purchase Order in the column Supply stock by. Then choose a supplier and the number of materials you want to buy.
Open Process Tracking in the production order, then click on Operation Report related to a certain operation. Here you can change the number of finished products or raw materials. You can see amendments in Raw Materials — Quantity Used and Finished Production — Quantity Produced.

Employees and Control

Yes, it is. Open Process Tracking in a production order. For each operation, you can assign a certain employee — use the Performed by column. Later, if you want to make amendments, you can open Operation Report and change an employee who completed the exact operation.
When you open Process Tracking you can see the number of produced goods. Also, you can go to Inventory → Stock, and look at the In Transit column. It shows goods that are being produced, but the manufacturing process isn’t finished (it works if you mark the checkbox Allocate order to awaiting stock in the production order).

Cost Management

Kladana does these calculations automatically. Open a finished production order. In the Finished Products section you can see the unit cost of one produced item and the total cost of the entire production order. Open Materials and Expenses where you can see all calculations made by products, materials, and operations costs.
You can use Online Order App in Kladana to generate catalogues with your produced goods. You can make catalogues with different prices for various customers — wholesale or retail, for instance. Then you can send web links to catalogues to your customers. When they make a purchase, it will automatically appear as a sales order in Kladana. For more info, read the article about Online Order App.