Barcode Generation and Scanning

GTIN, EAN‑13, EAN‑8, Code‑128
& UPC barcodes for manufacturers and wholesalers

  • Import, generation, and autogeneration in a couple of clicks
  • Scanning during receiving, shipment, transfer, and stock-taking
  • Thermal labels and price tags templates
  • Labels custom editing
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3 Steps to Make Barcodes

  1. Go to Inventory → Products and Services. Open the necessary item card, scroll down to the Product Barcodes. Click +Barcode, choose the barcode type you need. Add it manually or click three dots → Generate. Press Save.
  2. In the upper right corner of the page click Print. Opt for Price tag or Thermal label. Specify price and quantity of products. Click Print and save the document.
  3. Open the saved document — you can print it if needed.

Easy-to-use Interface for a Quick Start

  • Generate GTIN, EAN-13, EAN-8, Code-128 & UPC barcodes
  • Autogenerate EAN13 barcodes for new products
  • Import barcodes from Excel sheets in bulk
  • Create barcodes for services, goods, bundles, and variants
  • Make numerous barcodes for one item

Handy Tools for a Well‑ordered Stock

  • Scan barcodes during various processes: receiving, shipment, transfer, and inventory counting.
  • Print thermal labels and price tags for each item or in bulk — you can do it on a product card, a product catalogue, a stock report, or from transactions with an item.

Customized Labels

  • Edit labels according to your needs — you can set an item’s weight, picture, serial number, employees performed production operations, washing mode icons, etc.
  • Contact our support team or email us at and describe what you need to edit — we’ll help you
    (only for paid plans).
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Barcoding Features
for Small Businesses

Inventory Management
  • Generate barcodes
    for services and goods in stock.
  • Scan barcodes in various transactions and warehouse operations.
  • Barcoding allows you to control your stock and monitor receiving, storage, and shipment of products.
Production Management
  • Assign barcodes for finished goods.
  • Print thermal labels and price tags in a production order.
  • Simplify data and reduce errors in a real-time mode.
Print Forms & Scanning
  • Print labels & price tags, and download pdf forms.
  • In case you need to customize them, our support team will help you with editing.
  • KBW barcode scanners connected to a computer will allow you to scan barcodes.

Try Barcoding in Kladana

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labels. You’ll have a 14-day free trial.

Types of Inventory Tracked by Kladana

  • Services
  • Products with variants
  • Product Bundles
  • Finished goods
  • Raw materials
  • Packaging

Cloud-Based Software for Inventory Management

Barcoding is only a part of common business processes that can be managed in Kladana. Having created an account, you get access to production features (BOMs, orders, labour costs), inventory & warehousing (stock-taking, bin storage, variants), profit & sales reports, Online Order App, etc.

No Complicated
and Overpriced Integration

Kladana’s Manager

Will onboard you, adjust all the important settings, and answer your questions

Support Team

Will help you fix a problem or explain an exact feature to you within 2–3 working hours


Enables customized integrations with your own or third-party app. Thus you can extend the core functionality

Internal App Marketplace

Install Online Order App to launch sales without a website and create different catalogue links for various customer groups

User-friendly Interface

15 minutes of your time to start using our cloud-based all-in-one software — no downloads or tedious forms to fill in

FAQ on barcodes in Kladana

Barcode Generation

Go to Inventory → Products and Services, open a product card, and scroll down up to the Product Barcodes field. Click +Barcode, select the necessary barcode type, and generate a barcode. Besides generation, you can also enter or scan a barcode.
Yes, you can create as many barcodes as needed for one item or its variants.
You can autogenerate EAN13 barcodes. Inventory → Products and Services, click the gear icon. Tick «Automatically create the EAN13 barcode for new products, bundles, variants and services» checkbox in the Barcodes field.
No, we don’t support QR codes.
Unfortunately, we don’t have proper features for asset management.


Barcode scanners with Keyboard Wedge (KBW) Interface are compatible with Kladana. KBW interface emulates keystrokes while scanning. These scanners typically connect via USB. So, you need to connect the scanner to your computer, then print a page with a barcode. Open a text editor such as Notepad. Place the text entry cursor in the edit field. Scan the barcode a few times. When the barcode value appears in the line, and the cursor moves to the next line, your scanner is ready to work.
We’re afraid you can’t. You need a KBW scanner.

Printing and Editing

Forms are available on a product card, a product catalogue, a stock report, or during transactions with an item. Press the printer icon and choose the necessary type of document. You can download, print, or send labels and tags via email.
Contact our support team or email us at Describe your inquiry, and we’ll help you edit labels according to your needs and provide you with relevant information.