Integrate Shopify with Kladana

Shopify — for order processing and
payment, Kladana — for comprehensive inventory & warehousing management and analytics. Sell online seamlessly

  • Create and edit product cards in Kladana and get instant changes in Shopify
  • Synchronize the stock level
  • Automatically get new sales orders in Kladana from Shopify
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Integrate Shopify with Kladana

The application is developed by our partner — Rubikon Digital Agency

For Manufacturers, Wholesalers, and Retailers

For Manufacturers, Wholesalers, and Retailers

Workshops, Online Shops & Showrooms

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that helps entrepreneurs create online stores without websites,
and easily sell goods.

Integration with Shopify is suitable
for Kladana clients who

  • Run their own production and sell manufactured items directly to customers
  • Resell products either online, or offline

With the integration, you always ensure that

  • You sell only goods available in stock
  • Every sales order is recorded and paid
  • All product amendments are synchronized immediately
the Inventory

the Inventory

  • Whenever you create product cards in Kladana, they appear in Shopify
  • When you edit the product cards — change sale price, name, SKU, or tax — this info is synchronized too
  • The stock level is synchronized simultaneously
Get Orders Automatically

Get Orders

  • Whenever you get a new sales order in Shopify, the details will be displayed in Kladana: ordered products, the customer’s name & total sum
  • When the order appears in Kladana, all items are automatically reserved (allocated to committed stock)
  • When a sales order is paid in Shopify, this payment is automatically displayed in Kladana — Financials → Payments
Integrate Shopify with Kladana

Price Plans

5% discount
10% discount
For the payment details, contact the support team.
Payment is accepted by our partner Rubikon Digital Agency

Try Shopify × Kladana Integration

Sign up for Kladana to merge your Shopify shop
with an account in Kladana. You’ll have a 14-day free trial of Kladana
and a 7-day trial of Shopify integration

FAQ on Shopify &
Kladana Integration

Start of the Integration

Go to your Shopify account → Settings → Apps and sales channels → click on Develop Apps button → Create App button → write the name of the store → open Configuration block → Admin API integration → Configure.

Now, you need to mark the following checkboxes: read_products; read_customers; read_orders; write_orders; write_products; read_inventory; write_inventory; read_draft_orders; write_draft_orders. Click on Save button → Install App → Install.

Click on Reveal token once button, and copy the token. Go to the App Marketplace in Kladana, choose Shopify, and click on Install → Manual setting. Here you insert a token you’ve copied before, enter the name of the store (copy it from a browser —, and click on Connect button. Renew the page and all’s set.
You are able to connect one shop of yours. If you need to connect a few shops, contact the support team. They can consider this request.
If you choose a yearly plan, it’ll save you 10%.

Stock Synchronization

The sale price, name, SKU, and tax will be changed. We are working on adding some other features as product variants, bundles, etc.
Unfortunately, no. Products created in Kladana, automatically appear in Shopify, but not vice versa. However, you can export a spreadsheet with your products from Shopify and import them into Kladana.

Orders Synchronization

When a customer pays for an order in Shopify, you can see this transaction in Kladana. Go to Financials → Payments.
If you open such an order in Kladana, you may see the following details on a new item: a product name, SKU, packaging, and a barcode.
A new customer will be created in Kladana. But if the order comes from an existing customer, there won’t be any duplicates.

Information Security

Rubikon is our trusted partner. It’s a developer who made the integration technically possible. Thus their support team can help you if you want to pay for a plan or fix a problem.
By installing the app, you give administrative access rights to your data — receiving & modifying. Along with Shopify, Rubikon as a third-party partner gets this kind of access. According to the privacy policy, Rubikon processes personal data with the consent given by a person. Rubikon takes legal, organizational, administrative, technical, and physical precautions to secure your data so that nobody can access it, destroy, change, block, copy, or distribute it.