Inventory Management

Detailed item cards, batches, quick stock reports, and accurate inventory cost calculations

  • Keep a record of different product
    variants and prices
  • Generate barcodes and print labels
  • Sell goods by pieces or by kilos, sacks, packs, bundles
  • Monitor stock level using
    detailed reports
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Handy for Multiple Purposes

Full Control over the Inventory

Use stock & stock movement reports to have a clear picture of the inventory on hand, committed, or in transit
at any time.

Batches and Expiry Dates

Helps to control the movement of goods and available stock for a particular batch of goods, and to write off expired goods.

Operations Acceleration

Generate barcodes, and print thermal labels and price tags to speed up operations.

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Customized Item Cards

  • Quickly upload item cards in bulk using .xls import or create them from scratch
  • Create product and service cards, classify them into groups, and sell them in bundles
  • Create product variants (size, colour, fabric), and specify reorder points for them
  • Add necessary details — units of measurement (pieces, rolls, kilos, meters), tax rate, HSN/SAC weight, and image

Manage prices
and calculate the unit cost of goods

  • Set various prices for different counterparties and product variants
  • Change prices in bulk for products and services using formulas
  • Keep calculations of stock and unit costs
  • Follow the history of sales and purchase transactions for a specific item

Easy Paperwork & Workflow

  • Use reorder points to get notifications when you run out of an item and need to replenish stock
  • Set negative stock restrictions & hard reservation of goods to allow or deny movement of goods that are not on hand or committed ones
  • Tick the Allocate order to committed/awaiting stock checkbox to be aware of goods that we wait from suppliers and items reserved to customers

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You can import Excel sheets by clicking on Inventory → Products and Services → Import. Make sure that all columns coincide with Kladana template.
Yes, you can set a special price for the exact variant of a good, add a unique picture, attach files, etc.
Open Inventory → Stock Adjustments, create a new one and add necessary items. Specify the correct number of goods in the Qty Adjusted column.
Go to Inventory → Products and Services, open the card of a product, choose Packaging, and add one. It can be a box, a bundle, a sack, etc. Specify the quantity, UOM, and generate the barcode.
Open the product card, and go to Attachments. Here you can upload a necessary file.

Price Management & Sales

You may need to sell goods in sets. Say, your main customers are wholesalers, and they buy light bulbs in bundles of 100 pieces. So, you create a light bulb product card with one bulb, and then you create a bundle with 100 bulbs. Plus, you add a package, specify the weight of this bundle, etc. If you have retail customers, you can sell sets of goods like gifts or complete outfits. Bundles are handy for these cases too.
Create a product card for sugar. Set kg in the UOM field. Then add packaging — sack (e.g. 10 kilos).
Go to Inventory → Products and Services → open a product card, push the Set up prices button, and add Wholesale price and Distributor price, or some other types. Lastly, indicate different prices in a product card.
Go to Inventory → Products and Services → mark checkboxes of selected items. Another option is to choose the whole folder with a bunch of goods. Click Edit → Set prices. Here you can change currency, specify a new price, or indicate how much the price will increase or decrease.

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