Production Management

Take all production stages under control — plan a production order, manage inventory and supply, monitor your employees’ work, evaluate the unit cost of produced goods, and sell them to customers.

Run your manufacturing business in one browser-based app, there is no need to switch from Excel sheets to printed documents.

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Handy for All Production Stages

Production Planning

Plan all production stages in advance from supplies to selling finished goods. Stay flexible and make amendments during the production process — change the amount of used raw materials and finished products, and assign a specific employee for a certain operation.

Material Requirements Planning

MRP in Kladana enables you to plan the resources need to complete a production order: provide necessary raw materials, and estimate operational & materials costs.

Inventory Management

Keep track of what’s left in stock, including WIP. Purchase as many raw materials as you need to process production orders. Record receiving, and transfers of goods between warehouses, and do stocktaking.


Monitor all stages of the manufacturing process. Manage your employees’ work and assign them to certain tasks.


The unit cost of the produced goods is calculated automatically based on the cost of purchased raw materials and costs of production operations. Using Online Order App in Kladana, you can sell produced goods without having a website or an online shop.

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Step-by-step Manufacturing

  • Create routings with production operations, and change their sequence
  • Make bills of materials for finished goods
  • Create production orders based on sales orders
  • Produce goods in one operation
    or stage-by-stage
  • Print labels with barcodes and price tags for finished goods, and papers related to the production process

Full Control & Customization

  • Monitor all production stages — the number of ready-to-use goods, the number of completed operations, and the time they were completed
  • Assign employees to certain operations
  • Produce in batches
  • Use your own statuses, custom fields, and individual print forms to customize your production process
  • Use different warehouses for raw materials, semi-finished, and finished goods
  • Make different BOMs for specific variants of your goods

Inventory & Supply

  • Control stock of raw materials, and finished goods
  • Purchase raw materials for a certain production order
  • Order supplies of raw materials that aren’t sufficient for a production order
  • You can make specific amendments regarding actually used raw materials or finished goods for any stage of manufacturing
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Cost & Profit Evaluation

  • Evaluate the unit cost of the goods produced
  • Control money flow — monitor calculations made by products, materials, and operations costs
  • Keep track of related transactions in a production order
  • Sell produced goods using Online Order App. Generate catalogues with your products and send links to customers

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BOMs, Routing & Operations Reports

Yes, you can create BOMs for finished goods. Indicate the number of raw materials you need to produce one item and operations costs. For more info, read the articled about BOMs.
You can’t change the routing in the existing production order. However, you can do it before creating a new production order or even before creating a BOM. Open Routing, then choose the necessary one. Here you can change the sequence of production operations, add new ones or remove those that you no longer need. Keep in mind that if you wish to add new operations, firstly, you should click Production Operations, and create new ones.
You have two options. The first one is to open Operation Reports and find the line with a necessary operation. The second option is to open a production order you need, click on Process Tracking, choose the operation you need, and click on Operation Report.
The first option it to choose a certain bill of materials → open Operations Costs. Here you can change the cost of each operation. The second option is to open the Operation Report of a finished operation, and to change Operational Cost (it’s before Total).

Production Orders

Yes, you can. Some production orders can’t be completed in one day or you can have multiple orders to process. Mark the operations as completed when you are ready.
You can complete the production order first, and fill in all the details in Kladana later.
Open Inventory. Add raw materials (e.g. wooden board), and finished products (e.g. wooden slats). Now, create a production order where you can add finished products (e.g. 10 wooden slats) and raw materials (e.g. 1 wooden board). Fill in all other necessary fields and start the production process.
Add Scrap in BOM or in a production order as a finished product before starting to produce. Define scrap quantity when a stage is completed. You can choose if the cost of scrap should be calculated in a specific production order or not.
Yes. Open the production order, click on Status → Set up. Then add all types of statuses you need and choose colours in order to visually identify them. Now you can set and change types of statuses for any order.
You may use as one warehouse for all your products, as separate warehouses for raw materials, and produced goods.