Order Management

Process your sales & purchase orders in an easy‑to‑use app

  • Receive new customer orders, set statuses & ship products
  • Order goods from suppliers & receive items
  • Manage stock & use storage bins
  • Manage incoming & outgoing payments, and monitor your profit
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Sale Invoices

Sales Orders

  • Accept new customer orders
  • Send error‑free sales invoices
  • Arrange shipments
  • Receive payments & manage sales returns
  • Set order statuses: new, delivered, canceled, etc.
  • Monitor the sales funnel & increase your profit
Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders

  • Process purchase orders from trusted suppliers
  • Manage supplier invoices
  • Manage receivings
  • Send payments & process purchase returns
  • Set order statuses: new, approved, received, canceled, etc.
  • Use the purchasing management dashboard to monitor all transactions with suppliers

All‑in‑One Solution for SMEs

Manufacturers & D2C Brands

Create purchase orders to buy raw materials and manage customer orders to sell produced items

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Wholesalers & Distributors

Receive new sales orders according to stock on hand and purchase missing supplies

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Discover which goods are the most profitable and purchase them according to demand forecasting, and process sales orders

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Retailers & Showrooms

Manage sales in your outlets without paper notebooks or tedious Excel files, and buy supplies on time

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Restaurants & Food Markets

Manage sales in your eatery and purchase missing supplies for your meals

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Manage sales orders on your services (consulting, education, telecommunication), analyze the average check, and make discounts to clients

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ERP for Order, Inventory & Production Management

Apart from managing orders, you can control stock, warehouses, manufacturing, and sales

Inventory & Warehousing
  • Create or import product cards with UOM, variants, and different prices
  • Be aware of committed, awaiting, or stock on hand
  • Generate barcodes & design your own labels
  • Use locations & storage bins for tidy warehouse management
  • Monitor stock movement
  • Create BOMs for products with variants
  • Schedule production orders & assign tasks to staff
  • Calculate the unit cost, and labour & operations costs as well
  • Produce in batches and generate barcodes
  • Track production process & monitor operation reports
  • Sell products directly to your customers using Shopify integration or Online Order App
  • Track payments & debts of your counterparties
  • Monitor cash flow report & statement of accounts

Online Order System for your Business

Reasonable Pricing

From ₹743 a month, a free plan is also available for freshmen entrepreneurs

Customizable Tools

Ready‑to‑use workflow templates, tailored print forms & labels, API, and user rights access

Non‑Stop Feature Updates

You can monitor real‑time, on‑demand product updates

Hassle‑Free Revenue Control

Use reports & dashboards to make data‑driven decisions, and reduce costs

Integrations & App Marketplace

Implement Kladana×Shopify integration, or install Kladana Online Order App

User‑Friendly Support

First, our expert will fully onboard you. Then you’ll have the Help Centre. Also, your request to the support team will be processed within 3 working hours

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General Information

Kladana is an out‑of‑the‑box solution that can be easily implemented. We offer multiple templates and preset scenarios. However, it’ll take some time to onboard, educate your staff, and customize Kladana according to your personal needs.
By analyzing our in‑depth reports & dashboards, one can ensure which goods are loss‑making & money‑making, and produce or purchase more relevant items. Also, customer behavior can be comprehended better, one can create a discount program to reward the most loyal clients. The automatically calculated unit cost will help set the prices correctly. All in all, the combination of the entrepreneur’s effort and Kladana’s possibilities can increase the profit margin.

Sales Orders

Whenever you process a new sales order, allocate goods to committed stock in order not to sell them to another customer. Schedule regular inventory counts to find any discrepancies. Make well‑timed stock adjustments or write‑offs.
Yes, you can set an individual discount or markup for each customer and specify the prices for client groups (say, regular, new, etc.). Apart from that, you can manage taxes, too.
Our CRM allows one to record all vital data about a client, including different contact persons, contracts, discount card numbers, etc. Closing balance, related transactions, attached files, tasks — all this can be added too.
Yes, you can create, download, and print sales & tax invoices. They can be sent to your customers via email. To any sales invoice, you can add a related shipment & incoming payment. Mind that all print forms are customizable in Kladana.
Yes, you can add such transactions and related outgoing payments & write‑offs.
You may sell as physical items as services such as delivery, packing, furniture assembling, warranty, consultation, etc.

Purchase Orders

Yes, a new purchase order can be added to a relevant sales or production order in case you miss some products or raw materials.
You can manage receivings and allocate goods to relevant storage bins. You can create supplier invoices and adjust them. You can also make outgoing payments and manage purchase returns. Shipments and internal transfers are available too.
Yes. You can open a purchasing management dashboard, and glance through sales history, your current balance, and forecast data to plan your future supplies.