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for Small & Medium-Sized Businesses

Automate Sales, Manufacturing,
and Inventory in One App.
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Designed for SMEs



  • Schedule production orders, assign employees, and control each operation
  • Manage supplies of raw materials with MRP, estimate labour and operation costs
  • Calculate the unit cost of finished products, and sell produced items
  • Produce in batches
  • Control your stock, including WIP (unfinished products)
  • Manage subcontract manufacturing

More about the Production Module


Wholesale & Distribution

  • Manage inventory: products with variants, services, and bundles
  • Manage warehousing: bin storage, receivings, shipments, and write-offs
  • Control sales & purchase orders, use reports to analyze the most profitable products
  • Set processes: conduct inventory counts, track batches & expiry dates, and receive notifications of unpaid invoices

More about the Inventory & Warehousing Modules


Run the composite D2C cycle:

  • Produce items
  • Calculate the unit cost & profitability of each finished good
  • Sell your products using Online Order App, Shopify, or WooCommerce

Retail & Showrooms

  • Manage stock, be always aware of the available, committed, or awaited items
  • Use reorder point to replenish goods on time
  • Set automatic workflows to streamline the daily routine of working with sales, returns, and purchases
  • Autogenerate barcodes, and customize thermal labels & price tags using the editor
  • Customize print templates: add or remove fields in your invoices, pick lists, etc.

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Kladana ERP in Action

User-friendly Interface

15 minutes of your time to start using our cloud-based all‑in‑one software — no downloads or tedious forms & documents to fill in.

Profit Boost

Reduce costs, prevent warehouse theft, identify your niche, and increase turnover — these and other opportunities are available for you within one cloud-based app.

Transparent Management

Every action is recorded: orders, transactions, documents, operations, costs, and user activities.

Deep Analytics & Reports

Access multiple default reports, use filters to narrow inquiries, set up auto-generated reports, and receive new reports via email.

Full Support

Our experienced expert will onboard you during
1–3 sessions, helping to adjust settings, and answer your questions. The support team will help you tackle an issue or explain a specific feature to you within 5–15 minutes during business hours.

Internal App Marketplace

Install Online Order App to launch sales without a website and create different catalogue links for various customer groups.

Affordable Software

Reasonable pricing — from ₹4,920 / $60 per year, a free plan is also available for freshmen entrepreneurs.

Cloud-Based Tool that is Always at Hand


Without Kladana ERP —
Excel & Notebooks

There is no clear picture of the inventory:

  • An entrepreneur is unaware of products on hand, reserved, or in transit, their exact locations, or expiry dates
  • Risk of running out of items, leading to profit loss while waiting for new supplies

With Kladana ERP

You have complete stock information, eliminating guesswork:

  • Receive notifications when new supplies are needed
  • Write off expired products in time
  • Effortlessly monitor stock movement

Without Kladana ERP —
Excel & Notebooks

Manual manufacturing management:

  • Unpredictable sales orders exceeding production capacity
  • Risk of missed operations, running out of raw materials, and incorrect wages due to inaccurate labour cost calculations

With Kladana ERP

Regulated manufacturing management with BOMs, routings, production orders, and operations:

  • Track who processed each operation, create multi-level BOMs, record scrap, and calculate operation costs
  • A new production order can be started
    immediately after a sales order occurs, or it can be scheduled beforehand

Without Kladana ERP —
Excel & Notebooks

No control over the money flow:

  • Only a rough idea of profit, losses,
    and expenses

With Kladana ERP

A clear view of the money flow:

  • Multiple reports enable full awareness of the most profitable products, average sales, and number of returns
  • Evaluate sales based on employees, customers, or certain goods

Without Kladana ERP —
Excel & Notebooks

Difficult to identify employees responsible for mistakes and theft. Challenging to control the actual workload and manage payrolls

With Kladana ERP

Comprehensive staff management:

  • Examine reports on the most productive employees who process a lot of sales orders
  • Every operation has an assignee, and all actions are recorded, leaving no mistake unnoticed
  • Manage approvals and set various access rights for different categories of workers
  • Get a clear picture of the workload
  • Manage payrolls effortlessly

Without Kladana ERP —
Excel & Notebooks

Lengthy order processing:

  • Manual processes can take an entire day to complete a few actions

With Kladana ERP

Simplified business routine:

  • Using workflows, you can seamlessly automate the vast majority of recurring actions (e.g., create shipments from sales orders, send invoices via email)
  • Autogenerate barcodes
  • Quickly generate print templates
  • Save time and focus on strategic planning

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We’ll show you how Kladana can seamlessly fit into your business and answer your questions

Core Features

Manage Orders and Return

Optimize order fulfillment: reserve products for orders, and plan demand efficiently

Control Stock Levels

Avoid stock outs: always know how much product you have in stock and where it is stored

Monitor Essential Reports

Analyze stock, sales and profits, financials, WIP, sales channels, accounts receivable and payable

Count Inventory

Stocktake easily: use categories to group products into lists and take small counts when you have free time

Use the CRM Module

Know your customers, their sales habits, and preferences. Create special offers for regular customers

Automate Workflows

Increase productivity effortlessly: let the app handle manual tasks for you

Set Access Rights

Assign roles to your team members, track user actions, and manage approvals

Manage Production Processes

Create multi-level bills of materials, account for raw materials and finished products, and manage WIP inventory

Customize the App

Set custom fields in product cards, make unique print templates, and design labels to fit your needs

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Upgrade with Integrations


Enables customized integrations with your own or third‑party apps, extending core functionality


Connect your online shop with Kladana to quickly process new sales orders, synchronize stock, monitor the profit reports, and more

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FAQ on Kladana Cloud Software

Start of Kladana ERP Usage

Kladana ERP is the integrated business management software for small & medium-sized enterprises, designed to streamline your operations, manage inventory, sales, and purchases, and improve overall productivity.
Transitioning to Kladana ERP requires some initial effort, especially if you haven’t used similar software before. You won’t immediately form a habit of keeping stock and financials in order. However, within a month, you’ll get used to Kladana, and daily operations will become routine, saving you time and money. Also, if you are not ready to transfer all the information to Kladana, you can fix the transition point — transfer the number of products & money available and make all the following operations in Kladana hereafter.
Absolutely, Kladana supports multiple users, allowing team collaboration and access to necessary information in real time. The number of users depends on the chosen plan.
Initially, our expert will onboard you, and provide the necessary information. Then you can contact the support team — they respond in 5–15 minutes during business hours. Once you are familiar with Kladana interface, you can train your employees on basic operations. Unfortunately, we don’t provide training. We also recommend reading articles at our Help Centre and watching video tutorials on YouTube for additional guidance.
Every software has its strengths and limitations. No solution can be 100% suitable for every enterprise. That’s why you have a variety of choices, and we respect that. The core factors you should consider are stability, speed of work with multiple operations and a large volume of products & transactions, price, user-friendly interface, and flexibility. While Kladana may not have every feature of other solutions, our product managers and It specialists continuously add new features and improve existing ones. You can review the history and frequency of our updates for more details.
Unfortunately, we don’t provide accounting features directly. However, we have an integration with Zoho Books.
Yes, Kladana is designed with user-friendliness in mind, featuring an intuitive interface that simplifies business management processes. Most new users can perform basic operations with inventory, documents, and transactions within 15 minutes.
Yes, we offer a free 14‑day trial so you can explore Kladana’s features and see how it fits your business needs.

Customization & Integrations

Firstly, we have an API that can help you with customization. Secondly, you can make unique print templates with necessary columns & fields, and thermal labels with your own design. Thirdly, you can use workflows to set particular processes. These opportunities might come in handy. While we don’t provide niche customizations, our solution is universal and suitable for almost any small or medium-sized business.
You can integrate your application using our API. We also have integrations with several CRM, accounting, and e‑commerce solutions such as Zoho Books, Shopify, WooCommerce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, Zoho CRM, Salesforce, and WhatsApp. While Tally integration is not currently supported, highly demanded integrations are on our roadmap.
If the default reports don’t meet your requirements, you can customize them using Excel on your own. Our support team can also assist with customizations, completing requests within 2–7 working days.


We recommend starting with a free 14‑day trial (no credit card is needed) and then purchasing a monthly plan to determine if Kladana ERP suits your needs. If satisfied, you can switch to a yearly plan. We offer refunds for annual payment upon request during the first month.
Opting for a yearly plan can save you up to 30%.
The free plan limits transactions, items, and counterparties to 500, with a data storage volume of 50 MB. Only one user (the account administrator) will have access to the account. Some options will also be disabled. Detailed information is available on the pricing page.


Your progress is saved in the cloud, ensuring no loss of transactions. Once the internet connection is restored, you can continue working. However, we don’t offer a desktop solution as Kladana is cloud-based software.
You can reach our support team. Read the detailed information on the onboarding and support in Kladana.