How to Automate Van Selling and Scale one’s Business

Van selling is gaining popularity. Many wholesale companies prefer this method of selling goods to retail outlets — sales representatives unload from the van immediately after purchase, and process related documents on the spot. Fast and easy.

Is it possible to use Kladana for mobile commerce? The system integrator Team F5 knows the answer. They automated all the business processes necessary for van selling for Krasnodar entrepreneur Vitaly Rizov. In just 7 months, his turnover increased several times.


Customer’s Request

Vitaly was planning to get into the wholesale of FMCG and was looking for a mobile commerce solution. Vitaly had experience as a sales representative. He was familiar with specialized services, but none of them fully met his request.

It was important to Vitaly that a sales representative was able to process closing documents immediately after the unloading of goods, without involving an accountant. Even better, if it were possible to perform all sales operations from a smartphone, and send the documents automatically to the client’s email immediately after the sale.

In addition to inventory & warehousing management, it was necessary to plan and track the activities of sales representatives: how many outlets they visit per day, how much sales they make. In short, statistical data for each employee was needed. Vitaly found a team that could combine Kladana’s abilities with a task tracker.


F5 team proposed an option that satisfied the client and was eventually implemented:

  1. Warehousing is maintained in Kladana — a general warehouse is created where receivings and stock are recorded. Each sales representative has an account to which a separate personal warehouse is attached that serves as a mobile board. From the general warehouse, Vitaly distributes the required number of goods to each sales representative.
  2. Sales representatives visit retail outlets, sell goods, and unload them immediately after purchase. An order is placed in Kladana, and when its status changes to «Successfully completed», an email with the closing documents is sent to a counterparty automatically. For this purpose, a custom script has been developed to automatically send related documents according to a template with a signature and a seal.
  3. All transactions in Kladana are done via a browser-based application. It’s a great advantage that sales representatives do not have to carry laptops around.
  4. Kladana has separate access rights: each sales representative only sees data on their orders, counterparties and stock while the supervisor has access to statistics for all employees in real time. And the operator preparing the reports has special rights — they see slightly less data than the manager.

Handy Tip

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Results — Customer’s Comment

At the first stage, when F5 team and I analyzed the task, we were not talking about money at all, and rightly so — I can adjust ideas if I realize that it is not possible to implement them as intended. And if I understand that they can be of help, then the mechanics and features come first, not the money spent.

This was also the case with F5 Team — at the initial stage there were a lot of expenses for the purchase of goods, so the investment was tangible, but it allowed us to start and grow quickly.

Within 7 months after the launch, the turnover increased significantly, and the costs have paid off within the first month.

Now we have 7 sales representatives, 2 supervisors, and 1 operator. We work in Krasnodar Krai and plan to expand.

F5 team has built a logic of action in Kladana that facilitates scaling the business: they add a new sales representative into the system (create a new account in the service), a new territory (create a new legal entity), and a personal warehouse for them (mobile board), distribute rights by roles and departments — and then we are ready to go into the fields.

Our growth is now wave-like — bursts occur with the development of new cities.

Competent people help to build a business competently. It is hard to imagine how my idea would have worked if not for colleagues from the F5 Team. Now we are constantly in touch — they solve all issues with Kladana.

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