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Automation for Manufacturing Companies. Where to Begin

  • 6 challenges in production management & ways to overcome them

  • Implementing manufacturing software seamlessly in 5 steps

  • How Kladana ERP may be helpful to manufacturing companies

What You’ll Learn

With over 41,000 SMEs onboarded worldwide, we understand the common hurdles faced by manufacturers. From obtaining reliable data, managing raw material inventories, and labour costs, to calculating production expenses and product profitability, we will explore these topics during the webinar.

Kladana’s Director in India, Aleksandra Brovchuk, and Senior Customer Support Executive, Uday Sharma, will offer insights on managing inventory, warehousing, sales, and production all within one app — without the need for costly implementation or special skills. Also, we’ll show how Kladana ERP can prevent or tackle production management issues effectively.

Reasons to Watch the Webinar

To gain firsthand experience from experts who know all manufacturers’ pain points and ways to cure them

To watch Kladana features in action


Photo of the speaker

Aleksandra Brovchuk

Director of Kladana in India

  • — Runs B2B SAAS like an entrepreneur inside a mature 16‑year‑old IT company

  • — 10+ years in executive roles in IT products and eCommerce

  • — Ex‑entrepreneur who nurtured and sold startup
Photo of the speaker

Uday Sharma

Senior Customer Support Executive

  • — Facilitates smooth and personalized client onboarding

  • — Possesses a decade of experience in customer service and sales

Webinar Agenda

20 Minutes

Production Planning and Control in Small and Medium‑Sized Businesses

  • Six common challenges a manufacturer encounters and how to overcome them
  • Inventory management: how to obtain reliable data on stock levels and plan supply for ongoing production
  • Techniques for unit cost and profitability control taking into account real‑time labour costs
  • Process analytics: evaluating performance results and deviations from planned objectives
  • Automation vs. manual inventory management: how spreadsheet errors lead to finished products losses
5 Minutes

Implementing Manufacturing Software in 5 Steps

  • Why transitioning inventory items & documents, and setting up business workflows, is not as complicated as it appears
  • Inventory control and stock availability
  • Sales order management and CRM
  • Shipment planning and tracking
  • Warehouse management and purchasing
  • Production management — overseeing the manufacturing process from start to finish
20 Minutes

How to Run a Manufacturing Company Using the All‑in‑One ERP Kladana

  • Managing raw materials purchasing and stock
  • Handling sales orders
  • Managing the entire production cycle
  • Unit cost calculation & evaluating profitability