Jtronix: How Kladana Became a Game‑Changer for a Manufacturing Company

Jtronix Technologies, an Indian Engineering R&D Company, specializes in providing end‑to‑end ER&D services and solutions across various industries such as industrial manufacturing and processing, transportation, medical equipment, etc.

Jay Senghani, the Founder of Jtronix, shared his experience and the reasons for searching for an ERP system suitable for the needs of high‑precision manufacturing. Read on to learn about Kladana features that became groundbreakers for the company’s processes.

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The Latest Technologies at the Service of Business

With expertise both in hardware and software engineering, Jtronix offers integrated solutions that streamline all the stages of product development, ease the processes, and reduce time to market. According to Jay Senghani, Jtronix is an electronics manufacturing company running the PCB board assembly business.

The company primarily collaborates with big Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), serving as an electronics manufacturing company. They cater to businesses of different industries, supplying their products to Indian customers and offering services to clients in the UK and the US. Jtronix provides its clients with manufacturing and design support for the software and hardware side.

Jtronix assists organizations in overcoming hurdles. From the initial stages of product design, the team guides to ensure that the design adheres to relevant guidelines, facilitating a seamless transition from development to manufacturing.

Need information on how to keep all production processes under control? Learn how you can manage inventory, plan production, monitor the volume of finished products, and calculate product costs and wages for employees in one solution.

Dive into production management in Kladana

The company takes full ownership of the manufacturing process, including the management of the Bill of Materials (BOM), overseeing the fabrication and assembly of PCBs, coordinating the construction of mechanical parts based on drawings, integrating electronic and mechanical components, and conducting thorough product validation using a test fixture. This comprehensive approach streamlines and optimizes the manufacturing process for companies engaged in high‑volume production.

The company pays close attention to ensuring compliance. They follow numerous standards specific to different countries and industries.

Reasons for Choosing an ERP Solution and Experience Working with Kladana

Facing challenges and errors with Excel sheets, Jtronix decided to implement an ERP solution for efficient raw material inventory management, production order creation, and overall streamlined operations.

We had a plan to go for the ERP because we were facing certain material sorting issues. Earlier we used the spreadsheets to take stock of raw materials within the company and from time to time we faced human error in some entries during that period.

After that we decided to go with the software that allows us to create BOMs and production orders. Also, we needed to manage all raw materials and finished goods in one app.

Discovering Kladana through online searches, Jtronix chose the ERP system due to a combination of competitive pricing and user‑friendly features, especially in the production module. The ease of use and the possibility to add pictures of the products and product descriptions to one section simultaneously were crucial factors in their decision-making process.

Jtronix primarily utilizes the manufacturing module within Kladana, achieving its goals in production management. The Jtronix team, consisting of three employees, found Kladana’s interface easy to understand and navigate.

The onboarding process was impressively quick. Jay Senghani mastered the necessary features on his own and then introduced the solution into working processes. According to the company’s Founder, the training of new users in Kladana took up to 5 days and considerably saved time for the managing personnel.

Our clients’ experience shows that Kladana modules can be mastered independently and intuitively.

For a deeper dive into the product, users have access to video instructions and materials posted in the help center of our website. If you need help, a personal manager and support team will respond to you during working days.

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Jtronix’s successful integration of Kladana ERP has streamlined their production processes, reducing errors, and improving overall efficiency. The collaboration showcases the benefits of user-friendly interfaces and tailored solutions, highlighting the positive impact on an electronics manufacturing company’s operations.


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